How to Request a Home Visit

If you’re unable to get to the Surgery because you are housebound, you can telephone 01989 763535 to enquire about a home visit.  

When a visit request is made our clinicians will assess:

  • whether a home visit is clinically necessary; and
  • the urgency of need for medical attention.

This can be undertaken, for example, by telephoning the patient or carer in advance to gather information to allow for an informed decision to be made on prioritisation according to clinical need.  In some cases the urgency of need will be so great that it will be inappropriate for the patient to wait for a home visit and alternative emergency care arrangements will be necessary.

All visits must be requested by 11.00am.

A contact number for the person who has requested the home visit (the patient or the person directly caring for the patient) is taken at the time of the home visit request so the GP can contact them for more information if needed.

Patients will be encouraged to attend the surgery wherever possible.  There are many advantages for the patient as well as the Practice for patients to attend the surgery permises:

  • Examation conditions are better and more hygenic at the surgery
  • The clinician will have access to the patient's records
  • The clinician will have access to more equipment or tests which may be necessary
  • There are sometimes safety issues in visiting patients at home
  • The clinician can see many more patients in the surgery within the time it would take to make a home visit

Visits to patients in Care Homes

The status of a GP's patient living in a registered home, either nursing or residential, is no different to any other patient living at their own home.  The requirement to visit a patient exists only when there is a reasonable medical reason for the visit and a reason on medical grounds why the patient cannot attend the surgery.  Many of a registered home's residents travel outside the home for social activities and unless prevented from doing so by the condition requiring attention, these residents should be expected to attend surgery premises.  The absence of staff to provide escorts or lack of transport is not a acceptable reason for a visit request and the GP will assess whether or not the patient is fit to attend.

Summary of our Principles

  • Patients should be encouraged to attend the surgery premises wherever possible in order to receive the best level of care and to ensure the best use of scarce NHS resources.
  • Patients should be discouraged from thinking that a home visit is a right and a better level of service.
  • The decision to visit a patient at home should be made on clinical need.
  • The Practice will determine the most appropriate member of the Practice Team to carry out the visits.
  • GPs must ensure they have enough information in order to make an assessment of clinical need, and prioritise home visits based on urgency.
  • If the decision is made not to visit a patient, the Practice will explain the reason and provide appropriate advice about self-management.

Home Visits