Veterans Information


Pendeen Surgery Surgery is an Accredited Veteran Friendly GP Practice and we are proud to support our Armed Forces Community.

As a Veteran Friendly GP Practice and as part of the health committments of the Armed Forces Covenant we:

  • Have a clinical lead for veteran health, Dr K Turnbull 
  • Support veteran patients to access dedicated health services

If you have ever been a serving member of the Armed Forces please let your Clinician or our Reception Team know and they will ensure your records are annotated with this information and that you get the best possible care and treatment.

To find out more about the Veteran Friendly Practices Accreditation Scheme, visit

The Veteran Friendly Practices Accreditation Scheme is run by the Royal College of General Practitioners in partnership with NHS England and NHS Improvement.


Please find below information from STEPWAY Charity (Supporting all Veterans in Civilian Life)


7-Step Civilian Skills Program Leaflet 1 of 2

7-Step Civilian Skills Program Leaflet 2 of 2